Welcome to Live Deeply

I’m Monique Edmond, Founder and Managing Director of Live Deeply Spa. I have enjoyed over 30 years in the beauty industry as a beauty therapist, aromatherapist, spa therapist, business development manager and trainer. I have always had a passion for skin health, but more than this, how overall wellness reflects in the skin. With the stress of daily challenges, both internally and externally, we need to find ways to nourish our health and wellbeing.

To achieve my vision I have created Live Deeply. It is a New Zealand distribution business and flagship spa, bringing cutting edge, high quality and innovative products, treatments and devices to New Zealand. We supply exceptional retail and product training, offer business advice and maintain excellent communication through all channels and personalised visits.

Our stockists feel supported with all of their business needs. Our passion is to enhance and improve their customers’ lives from the inside out, using preventative and regenerative products and practices from around the world. Live Deeply is about adding value to the professional partner and the customer experience, recognising the details, listening and creating a win-win partnership.

Mind – The importance of leading a balanced and less stressful life. The daily practice of meditation, yoga and daily routines. The real importance of taking time for yourself, using aromatherapy and mindful practices to change your mood and enhance your wellbeing.

Body – The body is our vehicle and needs to be looked after. I want to bring more advanced massage techniques specific for individual needs, using hands on massage, tools and devices. I found an incredible French marine cosmeceutical brand called Algotherm, that focusses on all these things and gives a totally amazing treatment, elevating the spa experience to new levels.

Skin – Skin health reflects wellbeing on different levels. Not only is it rewarding to have good looking skin, on a deeper level it promotes self-confidence and positive self-image.