Algotherm Marine Cosmeceuticals

Algotherm Marine Cosmeceuticals is a French marine cosmetics brand and a pioneer in the algotherapy and cosmeceutial markets. Since 1962, Algotherm has drawn on the incredible resources of the world’s seas and oceans to develop the most advanced marine biotechnology available, designed to regenerate and remineralise the skin. This blend of science and sea achieves amazing results with skincare issues affecting the face and body.

With wonderfully sensual and tactile properties, it is also the ultimate in French luxury. The treatments use specialised massage techniques, tools and devices to effectively deliver the ultimate skin treatment experience.

The Uniqueness of Algotherm Cosmeceuticals

Exclusive formulas, patented ingredients and clinically proven product effectiveness.

Rich in Bio-Active Molecules

The skin and algae have a perfect natural affinity. They are composed of equivalent proportions of micronutrients and minerals. All algae are rich in bioactive molecules: amino acids, exopolysaccharides, proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, etc. This bounty gives each algae the power to act on the skin.

Innovation Through Expert Formulations

Reformulated and tested under dermatological and/or ophthalmological control, our treatments will now be ever more responsible with a gradual shift towards formulas containing a minimum of 95% ingredients of natural origin, without silicone or mineral oils and with a maximum reduction of allergens. Even more sensory formulas, both in terms of texture and fragrance.

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