SASY n SAVY Vegan Skincare

Sassy means bold, lively, and full of spirit. Savvy means making good judgments. Sasy n Savy combines both of these elements with a range of products for the whole body, from the face, eyes, and lips, to the hair, hands, and feet.

Established in Sydney Australia in 2003, Sasy n Savy are a global award-winning manufacturer of body and hair care products made using uniquely Australian plants and herbs, with natural preservatives wherever possible in order to care for you, your skin, and the environment. Their commitment to quality, ethics and service are the key reason why the brand has become so successful.

By Nature, for Nature

Sasy n Savy are committed to building a sustainable brand through their use of ingredients, formulations, packaging, and manufacturing process.

Beyond Expectations

Sasy n Savy products contain a total of 54 active ingredients with over 41 associated skin and health benefits. Simply by combining the natural ingredients of plant extracts and with the most recent advances in science, they have been able to manufacture products that are effective, safe, and gentle.

Love, Beauty & Youth

The original rose symbol embodies the essence of what Sasy n Savy represents. A symbol of love, beauty and youth, the rose shines brightly in everything that they do. They portray this by using Australian natural organic ingredients and using them in their skincare and wellbeing range.

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