GESKE German Beauty Tech

Experience innovation from GESKE German Beauty Tech, a brand with passion and unmatched creativity. GESKE has created an intelligent approach to skincare that blends high performance beauty tools with an award winning personalised AI driven smart app. Geske’s SmartAppGuided™ skincare allows you to indulge in the opulence of your very own personal beauty sanctuary from the comfort of home, or enhancing in person treatments.

GESKE brings to life the efficiency and precision of German Beauty through science-backed technology, ergonomic designs and the power of AI. The result is a range of multifunctional skincare devices that allow a deeper level of personalisation.

Powerful AI, Flawless Skin

GESKE’s AI-powered app helps users curate personalised skin care routines tailored to their skin’s needs through its tech-centric beauty devices. The devices are designed to target every consumer’s specific skin care concerns, such as impurities, fine lines, texture, dark circles.

Revolutionising Skincare

GESKE cosmetic products feature skin-friendly ingredients and are suitable for daily use. All of the products were developed with leading German dermatologists. The cosmetic products can be paired with suitable GESKE devices for optimum results. We offer a variety of cleansers, serums, creams, and facial masks to provide the right care for every skin type.

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